Natural Turquoise Beads Round Graduated Strand 4mm to 7mm 5045

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Natural Turquoise
Sonoran Gold
Turquoise Type:
Natural, not stabilized
4mm to 7mm Graduated
Sold as:
Per 18" Strand

Natural Turquoise Beads Round Graduated Strand 4mm to 7mm

Here is the rare combination of natural Turquoise and a low price! These Natural Sonoran Gold Turquoise Beads are available at this price thanks to a large company paying for more than they needed. It's their loss and your gain! A variety of sky blue shades alternate along this graduated strand starting at 4mm on the ends and increasing in size to about 7mm at the center. Only a small touch of Pyrite inclusions and host rock are peppered amongst the otherwise solid chain of bright blues. Please allow for a 1mm variance in the sizes provided. Add a Sterling clasp and a couple of crimp beads and a strand of these beads will become a $150 necklace in an instant! Get your hands on a cross-section of everything you’d expect from grade-A, high-quality turquoise when you purchase a strand of these Graduated Turquoise Nugget Beads!

Priced per 18" strand. Limited availability.