Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rounded Nugget Beads 4mm 5061

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Sleeping Beauty
Turquoise Type:
Natural Turquoise
4mm x 3-4mm Rounded Nuggets
Sold as:
Per 18" Strand

Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rounded Nugget Beads 4mm

Various shades of saturated sky blues alternate with each other to create an unequaled styling. These Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads are untreated natural and not stabilized! Since the mine closed a few years back, the supply of this stone has been running low and we are happy to be offering these natural untreated beauties while supplies last. These small nugget beads have a ton of natural character and energy. The free form rounded nuggets are roughly 4mm wide on average and 3-4mm thick. Some are smaller at 3mm and some are up to 6mm wide, but in this lot the vast majority are right around 4mm. These strands are 18" inches long. The eye catching style of these Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chip Beads will set your jewelry apart form the rest. Not to mention the fact that it's genuine Sleeping Beauty which is becoming more rare each day!

Priced per 18" Strand. Limited Availability.