White Buffalo Jewelry Grade Gypsum Rough Stone 1 Pound Lot 2950

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Stabilized Gypsum
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Rough Stone
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1 Pound Lot

White Buffalo Jewelry Grade Gypsum Rough Stone 1 Pound Lot

This White Buffalo Gypsum has great marbling white and dark patterns and takes a great polish. This jewelry grade Gypsum stone makes awesome white buffalo cabochons and is also great for carving into peace pipe bowls, animal fetishes and effigies. This stone is stabilized properly so it will not shrink, making it perfect for knife handles. These medium to large stones would accommodate almost any carving you have in mind. There is no other more beautiful white stone to use & these creations of jewelry or ornamental art would be unlike any other on the market. Jewelry grade Gypsum is used frequently by Native American carvers Tom Joe & Tony Turpin to carve their very much sought after fetishes and peace pipe bowls that are used in American Indian jewelry & ceremonies. You will receive 1 pound of stabilized Gypsum as featured in the pictures. These are mostly large nuggets with a few smaller chunks and pieces around 3" but others are as large as 10". The number and size of stones will vary in each 1 pound lot.