Cultured Blue Turquoise Rough Nuggets 1 Pound Lot 3002

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Rough Turquoise
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1 Pound Lot

Cultured Blue Turquoise Rough

This Cultured Blue Turquoise Rough is a newer product on the market that we think you're gonna love! Even before polishing, these rocks look really good. Each has a beautiful, bright blue color that is consistent all the way through with very little inclusions or impurities. These are man-made & your purchase is a mixture of nuggets in various shapes and sizes that are as small as 1/2" to some bigger ones at 1-1/2". Sold in one pound lots, please see photos for the differences you can expect. Ready for cutting, shaping, drilling & polishing, these Cultured Blue Turquoise Rough nuggets are sold per pound.

The last picture shows what you can expect to see after you cut, shape & polish your nuggets & we think you'll agree....they look like the best grade A, Sleeping Beauty you've ever seen!