Natural Larimar Nugget Beads 8 inch Bracelet Strand 0078

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Natural Larimar
Freeform Nuggets
8-10mm W x 10-14mm L
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Per 8" Strand, approx. 17 beads

Natural Larimar Nugget Beads 8 inch Bracelet Strand

Each 8" strand of Natural Larimar Beads is ready to easily become a tennis bracelet or anklet. Sky blues and aquamarine swirl together to white with a tie dyed appearance of gradients and water-webbing. The stunning effect and color is what has made Larimar such a popular choice. Larimar is distinctly different from Turquoise, both in appearance and energy vibration, it's brighter, more translucent and quartz like. Larimar is a natural silica mineral, the color is natural and it does not need to be stabilized or treated in any way. These freeform nugget beads are 8-10mm wide and 10-14mm long. just a few are even longer, about 20mm long. The freeform shapes have lots of variation so an occasional 2mm variance in the sizes give should be expected. These freeform Larimar Nugget Beads are another awesome natural option for beaded jewelry with a playful and free-spirited vibe.

Priced per 8" Strand, approximately 17 beads.