Natural Larimar Beads 8 inch Bracelet Strand 10mm Wide Nuggets 0079

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Natural Larimar
Freeform Nuggets
8-10mm W x 9-14mm L
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Per 8" Strand, approx. 13 beads

Natural Larimar Beads 8 inch Bracelet Strand 12mm Wide Nuggets

Vibrant sky-blues and soothing aquamarines gracefully blend into white, like a serene ocean reflecting a cloudy sky. These 8" Bracelet Strands of Larimar Beads will easily become a tennis bracelet or anklet in minutes. The nuggets of natural mineral are tumble polished into freeform shapes, each with its own mesmerizing effects and patterns. Unlike Turquoise, Larimar boasts its unique charm with a slightly translucent nature, making it distinct in both appearance and energy. These freeform beads, measuring 10-12mm in width and 12-18mm in length, carry the essence of nature's artistry. A few beads might be 1-2mm longer, check the photos to get a good idea of the variation to expect. Embracing the freedom of their natural form, these Larimar Nugget Beads invite you to create jewelry that echoes a playful, uninhibited spirit. Their untouched beauty reminds us of the joy in embracing the natural, unrestrained flow of life.

Priced per 8" Strand, approximately 13 to 14 beads.