Indian Camping Tomahawk Hammer Axehead Very Sharp 0015

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Steel and Wood
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Tomahawk Axe
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Blade is sharp!
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Indian Camping Tomahawk

We discovered a stack of these Indian Style Tomahawk Axe Heads hidden away for for some years now. Since that time, this exact model is no longer available from the vendor which makes these a limited edition. They are pretty cool axe heads and definitely mean business, but here's what you need to know. First, the steel axe head is very sharp, this is NOT A TOY! Next, the axe heads are not secured very well to the handle, possibly because the wood dried out, or possibly because they were never secured well in the first place. We're selling them as is. The axe heads are nice though, so plan on shoving another wedge down through the top or attaching them to a new handle, which would be our preference. With a secure handle, these badass Indian Camping Tomahawks will make a high quality tool that could be great for campers or as a working replica or display piece. The hammer portion will easily bang your tent pegs in to hard ground and the blade could filet fish for frying.

Sold as is, the axe heads have loosened over time and may be loose. The last photo is an example of how these tomahawks can be decorated; leather wrapped, beaded, and dressed with feathers.