Small Polished Turquoise Nuggets 1/4 Pound Lot 0015

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Real Turquoise
Polished Nuggets
Sky Blue, Blue
Sonoran Gold
5mm to 12mm
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1/4 pound lot

Small Polished Turquoise Nuggets 1/4 LB Lot

Perfect examples of what Turquoise is all about, these high grade Polished Turquoise Nuggets have been tumbled and polished into gemmy satisfaction. Natural Sonoran Gold Turquoise with a variety of color, ranging from bright blue to aqua to avocado green. Overall, sky blue is the most dominant color of the bunch. The interesting nugget textures and occasional pyrite inclusions have been preserved though the polishing process. This is important because these are what give the stones so much character and reveal the full personality of Turquoise. The Sonoran desert relinquished these amazing gems in 4mm to 14mm sizes. The vast majority are in the 7mm to 10mm range. The measurements are taken from the long side of the nuggets. Check the photos to get an idea of the consistency of the size range and color. These Polished Turquoise Nuggets have the vibe of a treasure chest full of jewels echoing the spirit of the southwest!

You will receive a 1/4 lb. bag. Number, color and size of stones in each lot varies!