High Grade Turquoise Heishi Beads Thick 8mm 5039

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High Grade Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Stabilzed Turquoise
Product Type:
8mm Heishi
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Per 16" Strand

High Grade Turquoise Heishi Beads Thick 8mm

Super gemmy blues and a succulent polish like melting ice make these High Grade Turquoise Heishi Beads a stand out choice. They are cut in the traditional Santo Domingo style with slightly different thicknesses and waviness which accents some of their original nugget texture. The brilliant blues are accented by natural golden caramel and spiderweb inclusions. This Heishi has that slightly rugged, old style like the original Turquoise necklaces made by Native Americans centuries ago, only with really high grade color and hardness. These beads are 8mm wide and between 2mm and 5mm thick. Please allow for a 1mm variance in width from bead to bead, most are a little larger up to 9mm. This High Grade Turquoise Heishi will make some showstopping jewelry that everyone will want to get their hands on. Limited availability, don't miss your chance on these.

Priced per 16" Strand.