High Grade Blue Turquoise Rondelle Disc Beads 8mm Wide 5064

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Gennuine Turquoise
Sonoran Gold
Turquoise Type:
High Grade Turquoise
Product Type:
8mm Wide Discs, 3-4mm thick
Sold as:
Per 16" Strand

High Grade Blue Turquoise Rondelle Disc Beads 8mm Wide

These High Grade Turquoise Rondelle Disc Beads are a true achievement of gemstone magic. They are made from high grade Sonoran Gold Turquoise and the round Rondelle cut, perfect polish, sizing, color matching, and drilling allows mother earth's beauty to reach a higher level. These brilliant blue Turquoise discs vary just a bit in thickness and there are some occasional waves and dips, a result of the original nugget forms these discs were cut from. Nonetheless, they stack very nicely, fitting together almost as well as poker chips. They are 8mm wide and the round discs are between 2mm and 6mm thick, while the majority average 3-4mm thick. Sold on 16" inch long strands. Quality like this does not come around often, don't miss your chance on these High Grade Blue Turquoise Disc Beads.

Priced per 16" Strand, stock for this form and color is limited.