High Grade Turquoise Disc Beads 7-8mm 16 inch Strand 5027

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Turquoise Type:
Stabilized Turquoise
Disc Beads - Thick Heishi
7-8mm Wide
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Per 16" Strand

High Grade Turquoise Disc Beads 7-8mm 16 inch Strand

Repeated round shapes vibrate with blue-green frequencies of positive energy. High Grade Turquoise Disc Beads, 7-8mm wide with an average thickness of 2mm to 3mm that could be considered thick Santo Domingo style Heishi. They have an even distribution of caramel matrix and the slightly irregular shapes create an earthy, old-world style. The flat nuggets are only lightly worked and rounded so they have a good amount of variation, please allow for the occasional 1mm variation up or down in size from the sizes given. Like almost all Turquoise beads of this size, these disc beads are stabilized to prevent reacting to oils and the environment and preserve the color. The 16" strands of Large Turquoise Disc Beads will bring your beaded Jewelry concepts to life.

Priced per 16" Strand.