Giant Green Turquoise Nugget 12.9 Pound Rough Specimen 0182

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Real Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Rough Specimen
11" x 10.5" x 3.75"
Alacran, Mexico
Product Type:
Stabilized Turquoise
12.9 Pounds

Giant Green Turquoise Nugget 12.9 Pound Rough Specimen

This Giant Green Turquoise Nugget weighs in at 12.9 pounds, that's 5,851 grams! A rare opportunity... and one heck of a conversation piece. This large stone features rich greens with golden caramel matrix, a highly sought after combination. We're talking some amazing results when cabbed or carved. It will return a high yield when cut but it is also very impressive in this natural state. This giant Turquoise nugget comes from the Alacran Mine in Mexico and has been stabilized to protect the color over time. This specimen has awesome undulating nugget curves and crevices all around. Overall dimensions are 11" long x 10.5" wide x 3.75" deep. Photographed dry just as it came from the mine. The second to last photo is an example of this same Turquoise tumble polished to show the bright color and quality contained within this huge nugget. It is the same type of Turquoise and looked very similar to this 12 pound nugget before polishing. No matter how you slice it, this genuine Green Turquoise Nugget is destined for something amazing!

12.9 Pounds, Price per pound $120.00