Massive Real Turquoise Specimen Aqua Green 15.5 Pound Giant Nugget 0185

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Turquoise Type:
Rough Specimen
19" x 10.25" x 2-2.75"
Alacran, Mexico
Product Type:
Stabilized Turquoise
15.5 Pounds

Massive Real Turquoise Specimen Aqua Green 15.5 Pound Giant Nugget Slab

15.5 Pounds of solid Turquoise all in one Huge Real Turquoise Nugget, that's 7,031 grams! A rare opportunity... and one heck of a conversation piece. While actually a pound lighter than some of the other 16 pounders, the mass is spread out over a wider area in this Turquoise slab giving it a really impressive appearance that appears larger. This monster stone would be a super cool display piece, possibly with one side or edge polished to a shine to show the color a matrix. Of course, it would also return a high yield when cut. It's like a blank canvas for a carver or sculptor. This giant Turquoise nugget comes from the Alacran Mine in Mexico and has been stabilized to protect the color over time. The long edge of this slab is a full 19" long! It is 10.25" wide and 2" to almost 3" thick. Photographed dry just as it came from the mine. The second to last photo is an example of this same Turquoise tumble polished to show the bright color and quality contained within this huge nugget. It is the same type of Turquoise and like this huge slab, the outside had a duller color of green before being polished to reveal the bright aqua blue-green within. This Huge Turquoise Nugget will make an awesome addition to any mineral collection and is one of those mineral specimens people can actually touch and interact with making for a memorable experience.

15.5 Pounds, Price per pound $120.00