Genuine Mediterranean Coral Micro Heishi Beads 2-3mm Natural 0031

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Natural Mediterranean Coral
Product Type:
Heishi Beads
2-3mm wide, .5-2.5mm thick
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Per 18.5" Strand

Genuine Mediterranean Coral Micro Heishi Beads 2-3mm Natural

These intricate Coral Micro Heishi Beads are made from natural Mediterranean Coral. The natural Coral takes the best polish and these tiny little beauties shine. The little shapes vary a bit in width and thickness which provides a subtle serrated effect that is even more interesting in this micro size. These beads are 2mm to 3mm wide, most are under 3mm, more like 2.5mm on average. Most of the variation is in the thickness, which ranges from less than 1mm up to 2.5mm. Check the photos closely to get a good idea of the variation. Cut from natural Mediterranean Coral, they will have slight variance in color and form along the strand. Some say the devil is in the details, but it may be more true that the beauty is in the details like as is the case with these Natural Coral Heishi Beads!

Priced per 18.5" Strand.