Natural Coral Beads Genuine Mediterranean Branches 9-12mm Long 0011

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Natural Mediterranean Coral
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Brancg Tube Beads
9-12mm long x 4-6mm wide
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Per 18" Strand, approx. 38 beads

Natural Coral Beads Genuine Mediterranean Branches 9-12mm Long

AAA grade Natural Mediterranean Coral Beads with breathtaking color and finish. The wavy shapes are not interrupted by pits or imperfections and the branches have substantial length and thickness. The super-fine polish makes these beads reflect like the curves on a red sports car. A rare opportunity in this size and shape, they are not too curvy, with just the right amount of natural undulation to add character and eye catching variation. The hole is drilled long ways through the 9-12mm branches to create an amazing stack of natural reds that move comfortably along the strand. These coral tube beads are 4-6mm wide and between 9mm and 12mm long. Please allow for the occasional 1mm variance in the sizes provided. Cut from natural Mediterranean Coral, they will have slight variance in color and form along the strand. Each of these Natural Coral Beads will make a top notch addition to any beaded jewelry... warning: they might steal the show!

Priced per 18" Strand. Approximately 38 beads.