Red Heishi Beads Imitation Coral Heishi Beads 3mm 0034

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Imitation Coral (resin)
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Heishi Beads
3mm wide
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Per 24" Strand

Red Heishi Beads Imitation Coral Heishi Beads 3mm

A deep Mediterranean red slithers along these strands like a coral snake. It only takes a few of these imitation Coral Heishi Beads to spice up jewelry designs and, one 24 inch strand can go along way for a low price! Lula, one of our Navajo necklace artists here in our shop, uses these beads to create an awesome variety of patterns with shell and real Turquoise Heishi. These are 2.5 to 3mm wide and individual beads are 2mm to 4mm thick. Please allow for a .5mm variance in the sizes listed. Cut from imitation Coral with a deep red with a very slight translucent quality. Each small bead of this coral Red Heishi will bring big-time color and character!

Priced per 24" Strand.