Pink Conch Shell Beads Teardrop Shape 32mm 0322

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Natural Lambi Conch Shell
32mm L x 22mm W
Dominican Republic
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Per 16" Strand

Pink Conch Shell Beads Teardrop Shape 32mm

These Conch Shell Beads have an airy, rose pink color combined with a sturdy, solid feel. The brightness of the pinks is far out and these would be a great choice for creating super fun necklaces, earrings and accessories. These beauties would be perfect for that trip to the beach or a fancy evening out! These teardrop shaped slabs are drilled from the top to the bottom and average 32mm long x 22mm wide but each bead is a little different so please allow for a 4mm variance in those sizes from bead to bead. They are fairly thick and sturdy, around 5mm to 7mm and they will hold up to a lot of wear and tear. Let the island vibes of pink Conch Shell Beads brighten your designs and relax your soul!

Priced per 16" strand.