Bisbee Blue Turquoise Beads Spiderweb Nuggets 8-9mm Wide 5051

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Real Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Stabilized Turquoise
8-9mm x 10-11mm Rounded Nugget Beads
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Per 16" Strand, approx. 43 beads

Bisbee Blue Turquoise Beads Spiderweb Nuggets 8-9mm Wide

Check out the Bisbee blues! Profound color and gemmy shine make these Turquoise Nugget Beads top of their class. The deep color is reminiscent of the original Bisbee Turquoise and even includes a dark, almost purplish spiderwebbing matrix. They're cream of the crop with so much personality, each bead is it's own natural work of art! They are about 8-9mm wide x 10-11mm long on average, please allow for an occasional 1mm variance in those sizes because they are slightly free form rounded nuggets. They are stabilized to ensure color retention. These nuggety beads are small enough to string as earrings, but also bold enough to hold their own strung into a necklace. Beaders out there won't want to miss out on these beautiful strands of Bisbee Blue Turquoise Beads.

Priced per 16" Strand, approximately 43 beads.