Bright Blue Nugget Turquoise Beads 4-5mm Wide 5202

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Turquoise Type:
Natural Turquoise
4-5mm wide x 4-6mm Nuggets
Sold as:
Per 18" Strand

Bright Blue Nugget Turquoise Beads 4-5mm Wide

The bluest blues with top hardness come in little nugget forms like this! Collected along these strands of untreated Natural Turquoise Nugget Beads is a collection of inspiring soft nugget shapes in the best shades of bright blue. They're polished to a gemmy shine and are 4-5mm wide by 4-6mm long. The free form nugget forms vary in size so expect an occasional 1mm variance in width smaller or larger. Check the photos closely to get a good idea of the variation. Stringing these true gemstones into jewelry will bring excitement and happiness as you work, one little Natural Turquoise Nugget Bead will charge each item with uniqueness and positive energy. The only problem is, it's easy to fall in love with each individual stone and hard to see them go!

Priced per 18" strand, limited availability.