Wild Horse Magnesite Teardrop Cabochons 0042

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Wild Horse Magnesite
Stone Type:
Spiderweb Magnesite
Average Weight:
14 ct.
Size Range:
28mm x 13mm up to 34mm x 20mm
Sold as:

Wild Horse Magnesite Teardrop Cabochons

This Wild Horse Magnesite cabochons are truly unmatched when comes to character and uniqueness. It's the combination of contrast, spiderwebbing patterns, and the pretty tones of red-brown to almost purple. The white Magnesite forms in a similar way as Turquoise so the cloud like nodules and spiderweb matrix is very similar. It's known as Wild Horse because of the resemblance to Pinto Horses with their brown and white patterns. It's also called White Buffalo Turquoise, but a more accurate description is white spiderweb Magnesite. There is no guesswork about the quality and character of this natural stone. The sizes of these teardrop shape cabochons varies slightly, from 28mm x 13mm up to 34mm x 20mm. Check the photos closely to see get a good idea of the size range. The average weight of one stone is 14 carats. Sold individually. Because Wild Horse Magnesite is a unique gemstone full of expressive style, it grabs people's attention and adds nice variety to those with a lot of Turquoise jewelry in their collection.