Wild Horse Magnesite Oval Cabochons 0035

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Wild Horse Magnesite
Stone Type:
Average Weight:
20 ct. per cab
28mm x 18mm up to 32mm x 20mm
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Wild Horse Magnesite Oval Cabochons

These Wild Horse Magnesite cabochons are a flurry of natural patterns and detail! The reddish-brown mother stones spiderwebs through the white stone in mesmerizing ways and gives each stone its own uniqueness. This gemstone gets the name Wild Horse because of the resemblance to the red-brown Pinto Horses with their beautiful white patterns and spots. Some call these stones White Buffalo Turquoise but it is more accurately Spiderweb Magnesite. Turquoise or not, they stand on their own merits! Wild Horse Magnesite is a unique gemstone full of expression and style. The color combination and spiderweb character is consistent throughout this entire lot. These oval cabochons range in size a little between 28mm x 18mm up to 32mm x 20mm. The average weight of each stone is 20 carats. Check the photos closely to see get a good idea of the size range. Wild Horse Magnesite projects a kind of positive southwest energy, the swirling patterns are wild and free just like the wild horses!