Sonoran Turquoise Rondelle Beads 7mm 5097

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Sonoran Turquoise Rondelle Beads 7mm

This sky blue Turquoise is highlighted by a splash of caramel and black matrix. Each one of these Sonoran Turquoise Rondelle Beads exhibits unique qualities from the swirling mix of blues to the patterns and webbing. The variation provides creative opportunity, mixing, matching and pairing. The rounded Rondelle shapes are 7mm x 5mm on 16" strands. Please allow for an occasional 1mm variation larger or smaller, mostly in height, the width is very consistent at 7mm. Like most Turquoise beads of this size, they are stabilized to prevent reacting to the environment and preserve the color. Soft rounded Sonoran Turquoise Rondelle Beads like this are perfect for necklaces, tennis bracelets and earrings.