Rough Turquoise Nuggets Bisbee II Average Size 1-1/2" One Pound Lot 0022

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Stabilized Turquoise
1" to 1.75"
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1 Pound Lot

Rough Turquoise Nuggets Bisbee II Average Size 1-1/2" One Pound Lot

The classic Turquoise nugget! This is what people picture in their mind when they think of Turquoise nuggets. This lot of 1-1/2" size Bisbee II Turquoise Rough sets itself apart from all other Turquoise with it's dark reddish brown matrix and solid blue-green Turquoise hues. These stones have a mood and style all there own and are easy to match with each other in earrings or jewelry. The stones we sliced in the last pictures were selected at random and had nice clarity and color. Depending how these stones are cut, they can make cabs that are more clean with a solid color or cabs that display more spiderwebbing motherstone and inclusions. That versatility allows for a wider range of choices, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to Turquoise! The vast majority of these rough nuggets fall within the 1-1/2" size range. Overall they range between 1" up to 1-3/4" measured along the longest edge. Check the photos closely to get a good idea of the variation and what to expect. They are stabilized to protect the color over time. You will receive 1 pound of nuggets from the lot pictured. Each 1 pound lot is different and the number and size of stones will vary. In the first two photos the nuggets are photographed wet, they are dry in the second two photos. It's hard to find anything close to the color and character of these Bisbee II Turquoise Rough Nuggets! They are an affordable choice when genuine Bisbee is out of your price range!