Red Coral Beads Bone Shape Bright Red 4mm x 9mm 0047

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Bamboo Coral
Bone Beads
4mm x 9mm long
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Per 18" Strand

Red Coral Beads Bone Shape Bright Red 4mm x 9mm

Nature's beauty is on display in these Red Coral Bone Beads cut into delicate bone shapes from genuine Bamboo Coral. They have great natural striations and bright red color. Each strand is 18" length. These thin bone shape coral beads are 4mm wide by 9mm long and the hole is drilled through long end. A small amount of natural texture and inclusions show up here and there in the fine shapes and consistent color. They have a mohs hardness of 5-6 with a good weight and feel and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear. These high grade Red Coral Bone Beads provide a unique pattern and visual movement to jewelry designs... not to mention brilliant color!

Priced per 18" Strand.