Oyster Shell Heishi Banded Natural 5mm Wide 24" Strand 0025

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Natural Oyster Shell Heishi
Product Type:
Graduated Heishi
5mm wide x 1-5mm long
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Per 18" Necklace Strand

Oyster Shell Heishi Banded Natural 5mm Wide 24" Strand

Natural Shell Heishi Beads with the classic Heishi appearance created as light and dark layers alternate with each other. In this Oyster shell, the lighter layers are a little translucent and pearly. The random pattern is has an old-world, tribal vibe. Very reminiscent of the original Heishi worn by the Pueblo for centuries. These long 24" strands are the best value, more beads per dollar. They're 5mm wide and the individual beads vary in thickness from 1mm up to 5mm long. See the photos to get a good idea of the variation. Carry on the Pueblo tradition with high grade natural Oyster Shell Graduated Heishi Beads.

Priced per 18" necklace Strand. Availability is limited, our Beaded Jewelry Artists use this same stock for their designs so it may not last long.