Natural Larimar Nugget Beads Polished Freeform 12mm Wide 0075

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Natural Larimar
Freeform Nuggets
8-10mm W x 9-14mm L
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Per 16" Strand, approx. 27 beads

Natural Larimar Nugget Beads Polished Freeform 12mm Wide

Dancing in hues of vibrant sky-blue to soothing aquamarine, the colors within these Larimar Beads gracefully blend into white, like a serene ocean meeting a cloudy sky. This breathtaking effect creates is different in every bead and overall they have a powder blue coloration. Unlike Turquoise, Larimar boasts its unique charm with a slightly translucent nature, making it distinct in both appearance and energy. These freeform beads, measuring 10-12mm in width and 10-18mm in length, carry the essence of nature's artistry. Embracing the freedom of their natural form, these Larimar Nugget Beads invite you to create jewelry that echoes a playful, uninhibited spirit. Their untouched beauty reminds us of the joy in embracing the natural, unrestrained flow of life.

Priced per 16" Strand, approximately 27 beads.