Heishi Beads Natural Violet Oyster Shell 2-3mm Wide 24" Strand 0004

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Natural Violet Oyster Shell
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2-3mm Heishi
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Per 24" Strand

Heishi Beads Natural Violet Oyster Shell 2-3mm Wide

Rich Violet Oyster Shell Heishi Beads with the contrasting light and dark bands. A familiar southwest classic and favorite of the Pueblo. These 2-3mm Heishi beads are finely worked to show off the natural shell's finest qualities of color, luster and banding. They're perfect for spacing between Turquoise and other accents in detailed earrings, tennis bracelets and Turquoise nugget necklaces. Made from natural shell and ethically sourced. Genuine Natural Violet Shell Heishi, a time honored choice for its beauty and durability.

Priced per 24" Strand. Availability is limited, our Beaded Jewelry Artists use this same stock so it won't last long.