Gold Lip Shell Heishi Beads Natural Santo Domingo Style 3mm Wide 0254

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Natural Gold Lip Shell
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3mm wide, 1mm to 4mm long
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Per 24" Strand

Gold Lip Shell Heishi Beads Natural Santo Domingo Style

Natural Gold Lip Heishi with gemmy golden hues. These strands have lots of variation in color and texture, like a symphony written by nature. This Heishi is just like 0252-HEISHI except they are 3mm wide and the individual beads are longer, which shows off the iridescent mother of pearl shine of the shell. They are also semi-transparent and glow a little bit in the light. As with most Heishi, the shell is cut in such a way that the layers of the shell create a banding pattern along the strand to emphasize the small size of the beads and create that eye-catching repetition of tiny shapes. This color pairs really well with Turquoise on the bluer end of the spectrum. This Heishi averages 3mm wide, but these strands can be occasionally up to 3.5mm wide. The length (or thickness) of individual beads ranges from 1mm to 4mm long. Because of their genius way of using the natural materials of the earth like this Gold Lip Shell Heishi, the style of the Santo Domingo has endured to this day.

Priced per 24" Strand.