Graduated Red Spiny Oyster Heishi Beads (Imitation) 5mm to 9mm 0036

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Spiny Oyster (block)
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Heishi Beads
Product Type:
5mm on the ends, 9mm at the center
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Per 18" Strand

Deep Red Spiny Oyster Heishi Beads (Imitation) 5mm

This is the graduated version of the block Red Spiny Oyster Heishi Beads. These beads make it easy and affordable to create unique tribal Heishi necklaces in the same style that our Navajo necklace stringers create right here in our shop. Add a pattern of white shell or turquoise Heishi beads through the middle for detail. This strand starts out at 5mm on the ends and gradually tapers up to 9mm at the center. Cut from block spiny oyster with a deep red hue with and occasional swirl of lighter orange. Don't spend a fortune! Make your own tribal shell chokers and Santo Domingo style necklaces with these block Red Spiny Oyster Heishi Beads and you'll be amazed at the style and effect you can achieve without spending a lot of money!

Priced per 18" Strand.