Freeform Turquoise Nugget Bead Strand Sky Blue Sonoran 3mm to 6mm 5057

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Turquoise Type:
Natural Turquoise
Product Type:
3mm to 6mm Freeform Nuggets
Sold as:
16" Strand

Freeform Turquoise Nuggets Bead Strand Sky Blue Sonoran 3mm to 6mm

These Freeform Turquoise Nuggets Bead Strands shine with gemmy clarity and a creamy mix of sky blue to aquamarine hues. The playful shapes dance along the strand and will give movement and form to the jewelry they become. With this color and polish, they are very reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. These are natural and untreated. They're 3mm to 6mm wide with a some slight variation depending on their nugget shapes. Due to the freeform shapes, please allow for a 1mm variance in the sizes given, check the photos closely to get a good idea of the variation to expect. That variation of shapes and forms will give each piece made with these Natural Turquoise Nugget Beads its own playful character. Quality like this hard to find so don't miss out, stock is limited!

Priced per 16" Necklace Strand.