Natural Kingman Turquoise Beads Even Sky Blue Nuggets 6mm 5210

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Kingman, AZ
Turquoise Type:
Natural Turquoise
Product Type:
6mm Nuggets

Natural Kingman Turquoise Beads Even Sky Blue Nuggets

Some of the best Turquoise that mother Earth has to offer. Perfectly matched and polished. These Natural Kingman Turquoise Beads are not stabilized. The clean little nuggets have very little matrix and the even sky blues that are about as close to Sleeping Beauty as can be found nowadays. The natural nugget forms are 6mm wide by 7mm to 8mm long and vary only slightly. Each bead is not exact, allow for a 1mm variance in size smaller or larger. Sold on a 16" strand. This Sleeping Beauty like quality is highly sought after and will not last long. Don't miss your chance to add these High Grade Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads to your beaded jewelry designs.