Dark Penn Shell Heishi Beads Natural 5-6mm wide 24" Strand 0022

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Natural Pen Shell
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5-6mm Heishi
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Per 24" Strand

Dark Penn Shell Heishi Beads Natural 5-6mm Long 24" Strand

Rich dark browns alternate in bands of subtle variation within these long 24" strands of natural Penn Shell Heishi. This 5-6mm Penn Shell has the classic Heishi look that compliments Turquoise beads and other gemstone accents so nicely. The long 24" strands are a better value and allow for making longer necklaces with the same great matching color. These 5mm to 6mm Heishi beads flow along the strand smoothly with just a touch of tribal waviness. The individual beads are between 1.5mm and 5mm thick with the majority around 3mm thick. Please allow for the occasional 1mm variation in width. Made from natural shell and ethically sourced. Genuine Penn Shell Heishi, a time honored choice for its beauty and durability.

Priced per Strand. Availability is limited, our Beaded Jewelry Artists use this same stock for their designs so it may not last long.