Vintage Royston Turquoise Rough Natural High Grade 1 Pound 0057

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Turquoise Type:
Royston, NV
1 pound
3/8" to 3" nuggets
Sold as:
1 pound lots

Vintage Royston Turquoise Rough Natural High Grade 1 Pound

This is all that's left of an amazing load of Natural Royston Turquoise Rough stored away for over 20 years old now. A saturated range of sky blues and aqua greens with stunning clarity and very few inclusions make this old Royston a rare find that is hard to match. This naturally hard Turquoise with rich colors are perfect for inlay and they are untreated in any way. This Turquoise rough ranges in size from 3/8" up to larger 2" - 3" chunks. The larger pieces have nodules or veins of Turquoise within a gray to honey brown mother stone. Please check the photos to get a good idea of the size range and color. You will receive 1 pound of the Turquoise pictured. Vintage Royston Turquoise Rough like this is a rare and one of a kind opportunity, once this is gone, it's gone for good, don't miss your chance!

Sold in 1 pound lots. Only 4 available. The Inlay watch in the last photo was inlaid with Vintage Natural Turquoise very similar to this.