Turquoise Mountain Chip Beads Blue Green Nuggets 5mm to 9mm 5249

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Turquoise Type:
Stabilized Turquoise Mountain
Freeform Chip Beads and Nuggets
5mm to 9mm wide x 1.5mm to 5mm thick
Sold as:
Per 18" Strand

Turquoise Mountain Chip Beads Blue Green Freeform Nuggets 5mm to 9mm

From blue to green and every subtle shade in between, we have these real Turquoise Nugget Beads in a complete range of colors and sizes. These genuine Turquoise Chip Beads have soothing aqua greens and high quality polish. They are priced per 18" inch strand which makes them a great value per bead! Every bead is different, the varying colors and shapes are boundless. A timeless look and tribute to mother nature. Overall, the strands consist of beads that are roughly 5mm to 9mm wide and 1.5mm up to 5mm thick, the greater majority are between 3-4mm thick. There is lots of variation of shape and not all the beads will conform to these measurements. See the photos to get a good idea of the variation you can expect. Just like snowflakes, no two beads are the same. Bring the the positive vibes with you wherever you go with these genuine Turquoise Mountain Nugget Beads.

Priced Per 18" Strand.