Turquoise Mountain Beads Color Mix Freeform Nuggets 5mm to 10mm Wide 5252

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Turquoise Type:
Stabilized Turquoise Mountain
Freeform nuggets
Product Type:
5mm to 10mm wide x 1.5-5mm thick
Sold as:
Per 18" Strand

Turquoise Mountain Beads Chocolate Mint Freeform Nuggets 5mm to 10mm wide

Bob Ross would be saying, "Happy little beads..." because these Turquoise Mountain Nugget Beads will expand your palette for beaded jewelry creations. The angular alignment and energetic stacking create a unique style that is a signature of the southwest Pueblo tribes and Santo Domingo. The different lengths and shapes provide a movement and energy along the strand. A range of cool sky blue to mint green alternate with a healthy portion of caramel and chocolate host rock inclusions. This combination creates a unique color scheme that opens the door for all kinds of design possibilities and gemstone pairings. These beads are roughly 5mm to 10mm wide and can be as thin as 1.5mm and up to 5mm thick. Check the photos closely to get a good idea of the variation to expect. Priced per 18" inch strand, which is a lot of beads! Renew your joy of beading with these Color Mix Turquoise Beads.

Priced per 18" Strand.