Turquoise Magnesite Nugget Beads 36" Strand 5117

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Turquoise Type:
Turquoise Magnesite
Product Type:
10mm - 20mm nugget beads
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Priced per 36" Strand

Turquoise Magnesite Nugget Beads 36" Strand

A collection of unique nugget shapes dance along each strand of these Sleeping Beauty blue Nugget Beads. The sizes of each bead varies, they range between 10mm and 20mm. The natural nugget texture and matrix is captivating. The genuine stone has a good weight and feel. This long 36 inch strand will add lots of natural character to your beaded jewelry, accessories, or arts and crafts of all kinds. We offer a large variety of Turquoise Magnesite beads for whatever your jewelry or craft, be sure to check out the other listings to find the perfect beads for your needs.