Turquoise Cabochons 6-10mm Oval Freeform 100ct. Only $.63 Each 0025

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Real Turquoise
Oval, Rounded and Freeform
6-10mm Long
Sold as:
100 carat package, approx. 155 to 160 stones

Unbacked Turquoise Cabochons 6-10mm Oval Freeform 100ct. ONLY $.63 EACH

Bright blues are the standout characteristic from this lot Kingman Turquoise cabochons but there are a variety of hues and shades. Many of these Arizona stones are a clear, high grade blue and they are sold in 100 ct. lots. They are also unbacked, so you you know every dollar is spent on pure Turquoise. The majority of these largely oval shaped freeform cabs are around 6-10mm along one edge, but they can be occasionally as small as 5mm x 5mm, and some as large as 12mm long. Each stone is unique, check the photos closely to get an idea of the sizes and shapes. There are 159 stones in the 100 carat example shown in the last photo, so the cost per stone is only about $0.63 each! The quality is assured and the variety will inspire creativity and improvisation. These Kingman Turquoise Cabochons have the rich color and A-grade clarity that is widely sought after and will always be in high demand.

Priced per 100 carat lot. The stones in the last photo are an example of 100 carats, approx. 155 to 160 stones.