Turquoise Bone Beads Flat Ithaca Peak Kingman 8mm x 12mm 5063

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Real Turquoise
Ithaca Peak
Turquoise Type:
Flat "Dog Bone" Beads
8mm x 12mm x 3-4mm thick
Sold as:
Per 16" Strand, approx. 32 beads

Turquoise Bone Beads Flat Ithaca Peak 8mm x 12mm

Sometimes we need something different, and these Turquoise Dog Bone Beads in high grade Ithaca Peak Turquoise really abide. The graceful curves help create artistic designs and make for cool transitions in beaded jewelry. The rich blue to sky blue color is accented by a nice helping of the caramel to black matrix. The inclusions spiderweb a little but mostly appear in dalmatian like spots which is extra fitting for the shape! The dog bone shapes are about 8mm wide by 12mm long but occasionally vary 1-2mm depending on the original shape of the pieces they were cut from. These bone beads are flat and between 3-4mm thick and strung on 16" long strands. See the photos for an idea of the size and color variation to expect from strand to strand. Stabilized to prevent change of color over time. With their fancy cut, these Ithaca Peak Turquoise Dog Bone Bead gemstones turn ordinary into extraordinary.

Priced per 16" Strand, approximately 32 beads.