Super Green Turquoise Coin Beads 7mm 16" Strand 5186

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Green Turquoise
Stabilized, Color Enhanced
Coin Bead
7mm wide
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Per 16" Strand

Super Green Turquoise Coin Beads 7mm x 3mm

A spark of green to bring vibrancy and contrast to any design. The luminous kiwi Green Turquoise Coin Beads along these strands have a range of yellower green to bluer greens with subtle streaks of mother stone. These Turquoise Coins, also known as pill beads, are 7mm wide and right around 3mm thick. Priced and sold per 16" strand. These beads are genuine Turquoise with a quality color enhancement applied while being stabilized. Illuminate your beaded jewelry designs and stand out from the crowd with these Green Turquoise Coin Beads!

Priced per 16" Strand. Limited Availability.