Studded Silver Spacer Bead 6mm x 3mm 8" Strand 7013

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Product Type:
Metal Beads
Silver Plated Zinc Alloy
6mm x 3mm
Studded Silver Spacer Bead
Additional Details:
NO Lead, Nickel, or Cadmium
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8" strand

Studded Silver Spacer Bead 6mm x 3mm 8" Strand

This Silver Spacer Bead is a lot like one of those classic studded dog collars. They're 6mm wide by 3mm thick and add lots of shine. They create an impressive effect when stacked together like they are here on the 8" strand. These silver-plated base metal beads keep a nice shine and hold up to a lot of wear and tear. These have a larger 3mm center hole offering more flexibility and butt up against round gemstone beads really well. These Studded Silver Beads are one of the most popular spacer beads, their classic design is tried and true!

Priced per 8" Strand.