Sterling Silver Set of Feathers 6031

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Sterling Silver
15/16" Length (22.5mm)
.8g each / 1.6g per pair
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Set of 2

Sterling Silver Set of Feathers

Finely cast Sterling Silver Set of Feathers for southwest Jewelry design. Available in many sizes and shapes. This set of feathers is about 1/4" wide at the widest point by 15/16" in length. Average weight of one feather is .8g solid Sterling Silver. Sold in pairs, these feathers are designed as a left and a right. The two feathers pictured are cast with a different orientation and are not exactly the same. If you need two lefts only, or a bunch of the rights just call and we'll fill your order. Unless specified you will receive one of each alignment just like the picture. Create your own Sterling Silver jewelry designs with our high quality Sterling Silver Set of Feathers.