Sterling Silver Ring Shank Die Struck Size 8-10 Ring Making Supplies 6102

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3 units
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Sterling Silver
Die Struck
Ring Size:
8 to 10
Split Shank
Average weight:

Sterling Silver Ring Shank Die Struck Size 8-10

Sterling Silver, for sizes 8 to 10, die struck. Minimum purchase 3.

Every detail is crisp and exact in these Sterling Silver Ring Shanks. These are die struck from 20 gauge Sterling Silver Sheet. They are about 5/8" in width (10mm) at the top and taper down to a 1/4" wide (6mm) band. With these open forms you can control the size of the ring easily between 8 and 10 and mount any type of custom face or cabochon of your choosing. Average weight of one ring shank is 2.7g. Strong and flexible, solid but comfortable, these Sterling Silver Ring Shanks are ready for your artistic vision.

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