Old Santo Domingo Cut Turquoise Beads Green Freeform 6mm 5047

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Real Turquoise
Southwest, US
Santo Domingo Freeform Rondelle
6mm Average Width x 4-5mm
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Per 16" Strand, appox. 132 beads

Old Santo Domingo Cut Turquoise Beads Green Rounded Nuggets 6mm Average Width

The Santo Domingo cut on these Turquoise Beads is not available any where else, these are a custom job done exclusively here. These beads started from gorgeous creamy blue-green to green nuggets of genuine turquoise that were rounded and hewn in shapes similar to Rondelle beads but just a bit more free-form. This shapes allows them to stack beautifully while still maintaining that old-world, uninhibited quality that gives Santo Domingo necklaces there vintage, tribal appeal. In terms of width, they average 6mm, but can be as narrow as 5mm or occasionally as wide as 10mm when measured along the widest edge. The thickness is pretty consistent at about 4mm, though some are thinner, check the photos closely to get a good idea of the variation in these slightly freeform Rondelle-like shapes. Priced per 16" strand. Like almost all Turquoise beads, they are stabilized to prevent reacting to the environment and preserve the color. Make your creations as eye-catching as they are unique with these Santo Domingo Cut Turquoise Beads.

Priced per 16" Strand, approximately 132 beads.