Real Turquoise Nuggets Small A Grade 1/4 LB Lot 0002

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Real Turquoise
Small Nuggets
Sky Blue, Blue
Sonoran Gold
5mm to 14mm
Sold as:
1/4 pound lot

Real Turquoise Nuggets Small A Grade 1/4 lb Lot

The best of the best, bar none! Straight from the mine, Real Turquoise Nuggets with high grade sky blue to blue color and perfect nugget textures. These aren't just chips, they're little nuggets that still have their natural shapes and textures with occasional pyrite crystal inclusions shining in the light. The Sonoran desert relinquished these amazing gems in 5mm to 14mm sizes. The vast majority are in the 8mm to 10mm range. Check the photos to get an idea of the consistency of the size range and color. These well-formed nuggets have good hardness but were stabilized to protect the color from changing. These genuine Turquoise Nuggets are perfect for a wide variety of uses, including bead making and all jewelry and furniture inlay work!

You will receive a 1/4 lb. bag. Number, color and size of stones in each lot varies!