Orange Spiny Oyster Beads 8mm x 3mm Rondelle Beads Natural Shell 0052

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Natural Spiny Oyster
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Rondelle Beads
8mm x 3mm
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Per 16" Strand

Orange Spiny Oyster Beads 8mm Rondelle Beads Natural Shell

The way the orange swirls with the white is such a delight! Polished shell can be surprisingly gemmy and these Natural Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads are the perfect example. They have a smooth, pristine feel and perfect polish. The rich orange-red hues intermix with layers of white creating subtle patterns along the strand. Ethically sourced and still collected by divers in the Gulf of California. These Rondelles are 8mm wide by 3mm thick. This lot is pretty consistent but please allow for occasional 1mm variance in size. These are natural, untreated shell and there are occasional pits and textures on the surface from the shell's original form. As far as beads go, there may not be a more vibrant natural choice than these 8mm Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads.

Priced per 16" strand.