Ocean Jasper Beads 8mm by 10mm 0002

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Ocean Jasper (Natural)
Cylinder Barrel Beads
8mm x 10mm
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Per 16" inch Strand

8mm by 10mm Ocean Jasper Beads 16 inch Strand.

These Ocean Jasper Beads are the perfect thing to stock up on your jewelry stringing supplies. These sensational strands feature gorgeous 8mm by 10mm barrel beads of genuine Ocean and Picture Jasper. Each of these beads offers up plenty of beauty with its natural earth-tone shades. They would look great on your beaded necklaces and chokers. They'd even do well on tennis bracelets. Let your imagination run wild. Each strand of these beads is 16" long. And, you can order more than one, you can get as many as you want while supplies last.

Jasper is a fine grain type of chalcedony. It is the birthstone for the month of October and it's the birthstone for the Zodiac sign of Virgo. Plus, Jasper is the state rock for Massachusetts. According to superstition, Jasper wards off evil and delivers protection from snake and spider bites.