Natural Turquoise Tumbled Mini Nuggets 1/4 lb Lot 0010

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Natural Turquoise
Sonoran Gold
Product Type:
Turquoise Nuggets
2mm to 8mm
Sold as:
1/4 Pound

Natural Turquoise Tumbled Mini Nuggets 1/4 lb Lot

It's just a pleasure to let these Natural Turquoise Nuggets run through your fingers. These stones are tumbled so they have a nice shine and smooth feel while still preserving the natural nugget textures that give Turquoise character. This natural Sonoran Gold has a wide range of color variation from green to bright sky-blue and interesting mineral inclusions of pyrite and host rock. They range in size from 2mm up to 8mm, and some even larger. Whether these are used for chip inlay in furniture, as specimens, or the fanciest gravel at the bottom of a fish tank, this natural Turquoise will bring the lots of color and positive energy! These small Natural Turquoise Nuggets have the energy and aura that only natural Turquoise can provide and offer lots variety and versatility for turquoise artwork of all kinds!

You will receive a 1/4 lb. bag. Number, color and size of stones vary!