Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chips A Grade Larger Sizes 1/4 LB Lot 0006

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chips A Grade Larger Sizes

Bright blue drops of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chips sorted with care from the otherwise gray and dusty mountain stone. These high grade, gemmy sky blue pieces are 100% natural just as they came out of the mountain. This A-Grade Turquoise features the clean, pure blues that Sleeping Beauty is known for worldwide. These full size chips, ranging in size from 3mm up to 12mm plus, allow for a wider range of uses. This genuine Sleeping Beauty turquoise is becoming a rarity since the Sleeping Beauty mine, located in Globe, Arizona, has been closed since 2012. These natural, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chips are perfect for all jewelry and furniture inlay work!

The Turquoise is photographed wet in the first two photos to give a good idea of the color when finished. The chips are photographed dry in the 3rd and 4th photos. You will receive a 1/4 lb. bag. Number, color and size of stones vary!