Natural Red Spiny Oyster Beads 8mm Rondelle 16" Strand 0048

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Natural Spiny Oyster
Product Type:
Rondelle Beads
8mm by 3mm-5mm thick
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Per 16" Strand

Natural Red Spiny Oyster Beads 8mm Rondelle

The combination of bright color, natural white banding and a breathtaking polish make these Natural Red Spiny Oyster Beads a top choice for beaded jewelry. This lot features a darker red than most, it swirls around through the bands of white like drops of food coloring swirl through water when first dropped in. These Rondelles are 8mm wide and between 3mm and 5mm thick. These are natural, untreated shell and there are occasional pits and textures on the surface from the shell's original form. While the color of these 8mm Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads catches their eye, the fact that they're natural will blow them away!

Priced per 16" strand.