Natural Citrine Beads 6.5mm Round Real Quartz Crystal 0056

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Real Citrine
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Natural Citrine Beads 6.5mm Round Real Quartz Crystal

Natural crystal beads with yellow-orange hues and crystal inclusions make these 6.5mm Real Citrine Beads a premium addition to beaded jewelry. Natural Citrine is far more rare and hard to find then its cousin, amethyst. Together they are all part of the quartz family. The most desirable yellow-orange hues are hard to find and we acquired all we could find at the Tuscon Gem show. These beads are right around 6.5mm wide, but please allow for an occasional .5mm variance from bead to bead. Beaded jewelry including Real Citrine Beads are top sellers and will always bring better prices. We don't have very many of these and the colors will be hard to match. Don't miss out!

Priced per 16" Strand.